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I Can’t say enough great things about the Rainbow. The quality of the product is exceptional. Extremely durable, yet gentle enough I never have to worry about damaging my hardwood or delicate surfaces. The best part about my Rainbow is it is constantly cleaning and freshening my home and air without me doing the work. Absolutely worth the investment, my family has already seen a huge difference in our air quality and ability to deep clean with ease. Highly recommend!!!
S. ReynoldsHighly recommend!!!
This System is Amazing! I’m so glad I finally found one tool to clean my entire home with. I can now do my floors, dusting, shampooing, air filtration and so much more with one device. I love the clean and fresh smell of my home when I’m finished cleaning now. I knew I wanted to make this purchase, but once I learned about the Set-N-Show Program there was no turning back. I met and made some great new friends along the way, and now have a top notch cleaning system. No Regrets!
O. NewThis System is Amazing!
My purchase of the Rainbow is the best decision ever, it cleans so well! It also has helped with my allergies and I love the fragrances that I can use with it. I earned mine free after the completion of the rebate program.
C. Asberry